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    Lightbulb Start up information

    My fire department is currently looking into a Jr. firefighter program. I was wondering if other departments that already have a Jr. firefighter program in place would care to share there experiences. What are the Jr. firefighter duties (what he can and cant do) any SOG, or SOP's will be greatly appreciated.


    C. Chiasson
    Saint Leonard Fire Rescue

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    That's my fire company's website. If you click S. O. G.'s on the side navigation bar, you'll be brought to a page where you can see the Jr/Explorer SOP/SOGs. Check them out for a start.

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    Post Reply: CCH

    CCH, to get a good view as to what a Junior or Explorer program would bring to your company, I would advise you to check out the South Line Fire Explorer website. This website should give you basic information on different benefits that a Junior or Explorer program would bring your company. Any questions, please private message me or reply to this post.

    Link: www.southlinefireexplorers.com
    FE Engine Captain #06
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    Thumbs up Best of luck!

    I wish you luck, the Jr. and Explorer programs are a truly great thing. Good way to get a hands on look before jumping into the career.

    Be sure to keep us updated on any progress made.

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    Got an email? I would be happy to help.
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