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    Default SAFD or HFD?

    Need some help. If you had to pick between San Antonio FD and Houston FD, who and how would you pick? If anybody works or knows about SAFD, give me some insight on the department. Same with Houston. Which is the better department?

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    I would go to the one that offers me a job.
    As far as which one is better, if the guys that post here regularly from those departments are an indication of their department, I wouldn't hesitate to go to either one.
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    Both are very good fire departments. Fortunately you cannot make a "bad" decisions. These are the fun choices we get to make in life. For the record, I know hundreds of people who would love to have to make such a tough decision.
    I would ask firefighters from both departments how they would rate their job satisfaction. Be careful not to tell them that you are trying to choose between their and another department. The firefighters may get defensive with you. In their mind it's an easy choice as their department is the best. Why you can't see that will be beyond their comprehension. You don't want to get off on the wrong foot before you start. (remember you are establishing your reputation the minute you interact with a firefighter. We are worse than an old woman's bridge club.)
    I would encourage you to draw a line down the center of the page and have the advantages of HFD on the left anf the disadvantages on the right. Do the same thing with SAFD.
    Your concerns other than pay and benefits should be things like:
    Morale, the academy, probationary period, projected growth of the department, opportunities to get involved in specialties such as paramedic USAR etc., promotional opportunities. Other ancillary things to consider are where to live, schools and quality of life.

    I am sure others will chime in as well.
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