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    Default Well, lets talk closeouts then

    I ned to do a closeout for a truck we were awarded.

    The main problem is we spent more than our match.
    The city allowed us to use some general revenue funds to get a few extra items we needed.
    No, we did not ask if it was ok to use more local funding.

    Here is the question:

    Do I need to show the grand total in the close out or just the award and match?

    What would be the correct wat to do this?


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    We documented the excess amount in 05 which was around $8,000.00 and had no problems with the closeout. DHS is okay with you spending more of your money it's when you try to spend more of their money that they do not like.

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    You want to show the grand total you spent in the close out report.

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    Smile Grand Total

    bjlffire, I made the mistake on our 2004 truck and put the actual grant amount. About 4 month's after I closed it out, someone called and said we had an issue with our closeout. I corrected it and resubmitted it by putting the exact amount we spent, more then the award. The closeout being corrected seemed to be related to our 2006 award. It is highly unlikely that anyone spends exactly what they estimated.

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