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    Default the so called "pizza bomber"

    So did the “pizza bomber” participate willingly? The news tonight says the FBI finally “solved” this one and said that a crazy woman was the mastermind and that the guy with the bomb collared around his neck was part of the conspirators and not an innocent bystander.

    Then the FBI went in to EXTREME DETAIL about everything (something they never do). It sounds to me like they are really trying to do a good job of convincing – too good of a job.

    All of the sudden they have everything figured out. Every tiny motivation, twist and turn to the point it is pretty much unbelievable. It really sounds to me like they made up a story to try and justify not helping the guy with the bomb collared on his neck – they just let him sit there till he blew up.

    The investigators also say:
    1.) the bomb took 108 minutes to blow up.
    2.) egg (oven timers) were used to make the bomb.

    Other reports say there was a "beeping" just before the bomb went off.

    When was the last time you saw a wind up egg timer with more than 60 minutes on it? (or one that "beeped") TL

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    I forgot about that story. Found a few links.

    The background:


    The updates:


    It was pretty wild the first time around.
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    All I can say is if they made this crap up to clear their apparent incompetency – that is sad. Dead guys who spent thier last minutes asking cops "Did you call my Boss?" are easy targets. TL

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