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    Default Could use some help.

    Hey I live in Boulder county area of Colorado and was looking for a Explorer/Jr firefighter program in the Boulder county area and have looked every where on the websites and have even called them and left a messege but have not heard back from them yet. What I am getting at is if there are any firefighters in the state of colorado that know any thing about my problem would be the most helpfull. Also any advice from any body would be the best.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try going in and talking to them?
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    As ndvfd stated, I would try going in to talk to an administrative officer to see whether or not Boulder City offers such a program. If this is an option you do not want to pursue, then I would wait for a call back or try calling the fire department at a more reasonable time.

    Good Luck
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    keep calling, i know our chief doesnt check his messages.
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    i would just write a letter or an e-mail saying the benefits of a explorer/jr. program. ********************Also gather a list of people who would want to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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