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    A lot of good ideas have been tossed around, but one great solution I haven't seen! Sleep with the portable radio next to your bed, or hanging on the bed post...and turn the volume all the way up! If it's right next to your bed it's extremely loud. Unfortunately you have to listen to all the calls that go out b/c its the main dispatch, but it's better to hear everything than sleep through a call. Also get as much sleep as possible the night before, it helps even deep sleepers wake easier. Finally the buddy system is a great idea. Work out a deal with your engineer that you'll buy him a steak dinner once a month in return for him making sure you're on the rig. With time you'll get used to the tones. Hope this helped, it did for me. Good luck all.

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    Here in Philly its impossible to sleep through a call. Our lights go off, then the fire bells. And if your not up then one of the guys will make sure your awake, we will never leave a guy sleep. Who wants to run short on a fire ground?

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