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    Default EMS in Oregon (Portland)

    I am seriously considering moving from NYC to Portland. I am currently an EMT with 1+ years experience and I am curious what the prospects are for tech jobs out there. Does PF&R have EMTs or just Medics? Do the hospitals hire EMTs? What about private companies?


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    Default ems in portland

    hey, when you say emt do you mean Paramedic or Basic. All the transport in Portland is done by AMR, unless they go on strike in Aug. At Portland Fire we have a Paramedic on every rig the other 3 are Basics. PM if you want more info.

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    AMR is not the only option, but by far is the largest area provider. Also see Anybody know anything about Portland EMS? for more info.

    I did not know that the AMR strike threat was that near to reality. That could make things interesting.
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