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    I was wondering if any one has worked for Raytheon before and could provide me with a little info. I have been offered a Lt. position but pay seems quite low. Any info about your experience would be great too.

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    i was in the running for this but desided to go to the sandbox instead. i was going to use it as a resume builder and for contract experience. here's a link to a site that had a lot of good info.
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    I left Kwaj in '98. Prior to that, we had a guy (pickering) go down there. He seems to have liked it. After I left Kwaj (actually Roi), a couple (boyfriend girlfriend) started there and came from Antartica. Maybe somebody knows who they are or they may read this?

    All I can tell you about Ratheon is that when they took over the contract at Kwaj from Johnson Controls they came out to the firehouse and talked with us all, seemed to want to know our opinion and feelings about issues and then promised the world to us.

    They mislead us about our bonus. We were told if we stayed on, we would get a rather large bonus. What happened was that they said we would get a nice bonus, but the truth was that AFTER completion of one more year, we got either the bonus OR the cost of a ticket bact to our home of record.
    Rather disappointing.

    As far as management, we had to make more with less, always shorthanded, and moral sucked...

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    I'm guessing you've already made your decision by now as to whether or not you're going to take the job... Let me know if you have any other questions though. Send me a PM or something.
    I've been down to the Ice with Raytheon twice before, and may be going back this year as well.

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    im looking to get into contract firefighting. i am trying to get as much info on as many contract i can find. if you can point me in the dierection of a web site. i would like to know the facts about the the COLD contract too, like whats the pay, how long of a contract is it, the living conditions, the company as a whole, how often and how long are R&R and the bonus possibilities. thanks in advance.
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    Default ...Ratheon..? did you take it

    Quote Originally Posted by joshperry View Post
    I was wondering if any one has worked for Raytheon before and could provide me with a little info. I have been offered a Lt. position but pay seems quite low. Any info about your experience would be great too.
    So by now i am sure you decided to either take or leave the Ratheon position, Just checking back for a follow-up on your choice. and Ratheon are sister companies or same company.
    Eitherway they are an excellent choice to work for in the way of $$ and Benifits Since they have Military contracts then yes it is sometimes do more with a budget.
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    Default SassyFFMedic

    Awesome post and great info. Thanx

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