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    Question High amperage alternator

    Hello, I've been looking into high amperage alternators and this unit looks promising:


    Is anybody using this unit on their rigs and if so how is it working out? I priced it out and suprisingly, it came out cheaper than a 320A Leece Neville. The voltage cutoff on the Eco-tech is set at 14.4V from the factory but it can be set lower when they build the unit. I was taught that anything over 13.8V will cook the batteries. Is this something I should be concerned about and should I have them set the voltage lower? The truck has (4) Group 31 Lead Acid batteries but I was thinking of replacing them with Group 31 AGM batteries from Optima, East Penn, or another brand that you would recommend.

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    I don't have experience with this alternator personally but you started talking about the voltage...which is not something to be too concerned with from your standpoint. The alternator will over power for a few reasons...the main one being that the alternator will overpower when the battery is cold. Most alternators have a built in thermostat or a connection to the computer so as to control the voltage regulator. The alternator will overpower to literally cook the battery, on purpose, to get it up to operating temp faster...so as to lower the resistance the battery proves to be in the circuit. To understand this you must look at your numbers in relation to battery amperage, your Cranking Amps rating is higher than your Cold Crank Amps due to a battery isn't able to discharge full capacity when cold, also it will resist the amperage going through the system from the alternator so as to increase the work load...but if the battery is heated up in a faster manner than underhood radiant heat it will save wear and tear on your alternator and the drag on your belt system from the alternator.
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    We have one on our Rescue and it has been a good unit.
    Alternators are suppose to put out 14.4 volts. If it dont you will never keep your batteries charged.

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