Thanks to everyone for all the helpful suggestions and the links, I have some great news to share with you, I am taking the P.A.T. test for the Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department on the 19th of this month and after I pass I will be a Volunteer Firefighter for the Nokomis Fire Department and once I volunteer for 6 months for them they will start my Firefighter training, and they pay for the training and my equiptment and everything, and the way I pay them back for such a wonderful favor is to volunteer for them for 1 year and then I'm free to stay there or go to another department, I'm so happy, and so excited, the Chief told me the P.A.T. test I will be taking on the 19th is much easier than the C.P.A.T that I will have to take after I complete the Firefighter training, he says he doesn't think I'll have a problem with it and that made me feel great! I am so happy I don't have words to express it! Also, I start E.M.T. school on August 20th and that is a three month course so by the time I'm an E.M.T. I will only have about 2 months or so before I start my Firefighter training, Gods hand has been over this whole thing or it would have never turned out so perfectly, there really are no coincidences in life, I am now a firm believer in that, he has handed me my dreams on a silver platter, now all I have to do is trust and put him in control, Max