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    Our dept covers 59 sq. miles with over 600 roads. Each month we are adding new development left and right so memorizing the district does not happen completely. The majority of our engineers and command staff know the district for the most part.

    I draw every map box out using Microsoft Visio and catagorize in either the 100s, 200s, 300s, or 400s which are setup within limitations or the district, example, 100/200 east of Interstate 65 and 300/400 West of 65.
    I then designed a program which are on our MDT's along with all the county law enforcement that have every street and map box along with preplans.

    If you want to go hi-tech you can get Delorme XMAP or even Atlas and install on a computer.
    I did the google copy as a guideline when creating my maps.

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    I'm the mapper for our local county. Check with the local county and see if they have some type of GIS program. If not, check around for GIS companies. GIS is the way of the future. You can do almost anything with it. Any type of disaster usually has a GIS coordinator working with first responders or search and rescue. RightoWork as the best idea. Also, With ESRI software (depending on the license) you can publish map documents to be used in arcreader. You can use arcreader (which is free) and the published map documents on a local machine or laptop.

    Just wanted add: There is a TON of GIS data out there for free if you look. The University of Missouri Extention office has the most GIS data for missouri. They are called GIS clearinghouses. And there are quite a few of them out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firepuppy View Post
    Im a Asst Chief in a small fire dept and one of the things thats really handy is a map of our district so when the call goes out we can look for the road and house number and see exactly where the house is saving time now does anybody know of a program to draw road maps and map our district thanks
    You might look @ IncidentView form AlseaGeospatial. We use this software and it's exceptional. It is a bit more expensive than the commercially available stuff but it is built for emergency services.

    you can reach them at:


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