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Thread: Silly Question?

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    Question Silly Question?

    Why are the seats in an engine facing backwards? This is a question floating around in our Department. Thanks..

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    All the seats? LOL. Rear facing seats are safer in a crash. Learned that in the Air Force. Ever flown 2,000 miles backwards? But, you're safer if you crash. It's also possible rear facing seats give you more room in the cab.

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    Maybe it is so you can jump out and get to the cross lay lines faster.

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    It is a matter of efficiency and usage of space.

    The earliest cabover designs placed the front row of seats in front of the tires, with the engine itself behind the front seats. Behind and below the driver and passenger were the front tires. To make the second row of seats face forward, their feet would have to be about where the front axle is, and they would have to climb in over the front tires. By turning the second row seats around and placing one on each side of the engine cowl, the seatbacks of the front and rear seats are back-to-back, and the front tires are underneath the seats.


    As designs evolved, it became apparent that more room was needed for personnel in back for gear, SCBA, med kits, and anything else you can think of (not mention that the area needed to be enclosed for security and safety), and that it wasn't necessary to have anyone besides a driver and officer in front so a full bench was no longer necessary. The engine was moved forward, radiator grilles once again appeared on the front of the rigs, and the extra space created in the rear allowed room for extra seats all the way across in some cases. But, the front tires are still in the way of seating positions as well as the access door if you tried to face them forward, so jumpseats still face to the rear.

    This was a cheap 5 cent explanation, there are surely more interesting points in the story that I have not included. Hope it helps.
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    Our rescue and Squrt have crew cabins where the crew sits across from each other. That way we can get up to 8 people in the rescue and 7 in the Squrt.
    So some seats face front some face back.

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    Thank you all for the input...

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