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    Exclamation starting a new explorer comp.

    my explorer group is trying to start a competition with a mix of ems and fire. Does any one hve any plans or tips they would like to share?

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    Post Jr. Competition

    We have hosted a competition for the last five years for local Jr./Explorer programs. E-mail me and I will send you our rules.
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    A town a couple over from me has one every year. It's Fire/EMS as well. It's getting better by the year.

    One tip - try to get outside judges. That was on thing this year that presented itself as a potential problem. The judges were all firefighters from the different participating companies. So therefore, "home team" advantage had to be looked at. So see if you get people who aren't associated with any of the participating teams to judge.

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    Thumbs up Might help.

    Talk with the Boy Scouts, They have comps in my area every year in Gatlinburg for all explorer post. I think they are open to everyone.
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    Default reply to GFD748

    i was thinking away from the boy scouts because then you would have a million troops there and no real purpose of a comp.

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    thank you all very much

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    Check out the Mock Disaster Thread. Granted, MD isn't a competition, but it's our biggest event for putting Fire/EMS skills to the 'test' with lots of hands on/real life scenarios.
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