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Thread: sirens

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmfire View Post
    This is farse. That implies you have some knowlege, insight, and information worth anyone listening to. What it should say is this....

    ** I'm a little kid who thinks he knows everything and I run my mouth a lot. Nobody pay attention to me and maybe I'll go away. **

    HAHAHAHAHA funniest thing i've read all day! boy i feel better!

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    Exclamation Please Remember...

    Timmy, Timmy, Timmy... I am sorry I didn't responded to this thread sooner. First of all, please remember that even though you say your "knowledge and insight" does not reflect any organizations you are affiliated with, it does. Second, I am appaled that you would even ask this question. I think this for several reasons. Their are numerous other threads such as this that spark unecessary debates due to bone-headed questions such as this one, your leadership within your exploring post has taught you to be more level headed and to have more common sense then to ask a question in which you don't have any background in, such as even using a siren , atleast I thought that's what we did, and last, being an explorer is one of the first steps in becoming an active fireman within either a volunteer fire company or a paid fire company and should be spent asking questions about fire-ground tactics, safety awareness, and other fire and ems related topics, not if any explorer or junior can run sirens and lights on their POV. slfd07, please be aware that we will be having a chat about knowing when to say something, and when to not. This was clearly an example of when not to add your one cent. (Notice I did not say two cents) I hope that in the future you will show yourself as a more mature and more intelligent young man that I know is in you. (Somewhere)

    Good Luck Finding that inner maturity and intelligence,
    FE Engine Captain #06
    **The knowledge given within these forums is my own personal insight and information and does not and should not necessarily reflect any organizations that I am associated with**

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    In the Dept I am with in my Town/Parish/State you must be 21 and older an you much also have been in the dept for over 1 year and then after that you got to go to Defensive Driving classes an then your Chief has to issue you a green card.

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