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    Question I/O solutions Company Officer II Test

    Hey anybody out there taken this I/O Solutions Company Officer test II. Our department is using it for the first time the reading list looks like it might be a different type of test. Any suggetions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I/O test

    Have taken it twice, both times finished #1. (CO I and COII) My suggestion is to absolutely read the books in the study guide, then throw out any association with what your department does, or how it operates. This test examines the 'global' knowledge a captain should know. There were 100 questions, and 4 books. Do the math...find the most impressive 25 points in each book.

    There is no study guides for this...we have not had a very good success rate with the test. Aggregate scoring nationally for this test is reported to be near 70% so very few pass it.

    I found that Norman's Tactics and Brannagins Building construction had the most information that was contradictary to our operations, and where many individuals had difficulty applying those concepts. Again, where I suggest look globally not internally when applying the info.

    Good Luck!

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    Getting ready to take the same test in 10 days and have been studding hard.

    The company gives a few sample questions which are quite difficult. Is this a scare tactic or is this test going to be a real MOFO?? My department has added 7 books to the bibliography and Norman’s Tactics is one of them..

    Do I need to memorize numbers such as fail times for truss roofs??

    If you can provide any more insight I would appreciate it..

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