I don't know what your P.A.T. test it but this was mine, wearing a turnout jacket, helmet, air pack and gloves in florida, 95 degrees and 100% humidity, it was sprinkling outside, first the oversized tractor tire with the 8 or 10 pound sledgehammer, beat it from one yellow line past the other, then walk across the ladder for balance, then pick it up and carry it over to the poles with the hooks on them and hang it up, then take it down and carry it back over to where you began and set it down, then walk over to the other side of the building and climb up a 40 foot ladder and back down, then the stairs, put a 50 or so pound roll of hose on your shoulder and walk up and down the stairs, up and down is one time you have to do it 4 times, then the hand over hand pull of the hose pack up to the top of the extended ladder truck and hand over hand back down I don't know exactly how high it was but it was over three stories in the air, then the hose pull, it was a charged line, I can't say for sure how thick it was, I think it was almost 4 inches and way to heavy, you had to put it on your shoulder and pull it past the center of the fire truck and i made it 80% of the way before I fell for the first time, my muscles gave out, then I got up and put it back on my shoulder and screamed at myself and ran as hard as I could but 10 feet from the end of that event I passed out, all I had left was the dummy drag, DAMN. I could feel them taking the gear off of me and carry me to the bench area and then I began to wake up all the way, well maybe not all the way but semi concious, at least I knew what was going on by that point, the Chief had them take my BP and pulse and then I was helped into the house and given o2 and ice packs on my arms and neck to cool me off, so embarrasing, I went there to become their "brother" not their patient, a couple of the guys tried to make me feel better about it and one of them said," you didn't give up, you passed out theres a big difference" but I still felt bad, the Chief came up to me a few minutes later with a couple of the other guys and 2 Lieutenants and said come back any time, were here for you, they said don't give up just go train harder and come back and get this uniform, that made me feel a little better, they said that they never saw anyone go at it so hard and then one guy said that alot of guys give up before i passed out he said that I never gave up I passed out and that they respected that and that so many other people didn't even make it that far and that I will get it eventually and that they would help me train and I felt better but the stinging pain of defeat is still burning inside my soul. I guess it's just plain harder for a woman to do this than for a man, but that doesn't mean a damn thing to me other than the fact that I just have to train 10 times harder than before, I WILL do this I will NOT give up my dreams I am 25 and in perfect health I CAN do this I will push myself and I WILL earn that uniform!! This is my lifelong dream and with help, I will achieve it! Can anyone give me suggestions on what to do differently next time if anything? and If I buy a Bowflex will it help me? Max