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    Default Written Exam Pysch Questions

    I have taken several tests in the recent past that dealt with personality and pysch questions as well as a work styles inventory or something along those lines. I haven't done as well as I had hoped and was looking for some advice on dealing with these types of questions. I realize that there might not be a right or wrong answer, but is there a theme they are looking for with these questions. I answer all of them as honestly as I can, but worry that I might not be understanding the questions completely, or that the answer I have for some of them isn't listed and I have to chose something close. Can any one give some advice. Also, I have read Paul Lepore's books before and see that he has a new book out about the written exam. Has anyone read this book, and what do you think of it? Paul, if you read this, does your book cover these types of questions? I got a lot out of your other books and would consider buying this new one if it would help me out. I do well on all of the mechanical aptitude and reading questions, but the personality/psych questions are hurting me. Thanks to all for your help.


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    Check out www.fireprep.com

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    Thanks Capt. Bob, that is really what I was looking for. Hopefully that will give me the skills and edge to finally get a job. I will let you know how it goes.


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