Was out with a Scout Troop at Summer Camp and ran into a Medium size Pump Truck that had been donated to the Camp. With a two other Scout Leaders / FF Volunteers - we were finally able to get the unit to come to life. Had been sitting for a year - got filters and screens cleared of rust and mud and junk. Got the pump primed after filing the tank 1/2 full so it could get suction from lake source. After 1/2 day of work We had pressure up to 125 psi and ahd two 1 1/2 inch hose reels working and a 2 1/2 inch main line operating. Found a bad rigid suction line and one good so we could finally get suction working. After two days exercising the unit finally got it to pressure out at 225 psi, and made it workable trained the local ranger on it. Some of the Scouts were given show and Tell and hand in working nozzels while under pressure (80psi)

Ranger is hoping to find more volunteers to work rig during the summer time. Unit will be stored for winter as he has no enclosure to keep it from freezing..

Problems are following:

Missing various adapters and couplers for hydrants and straininers they do have.

Also this pumper will not spray when truck is in motion - apparently will only operate pto in 5th and enabled pto to work at stop and locked.

Unit is a Rescue One belive it rides on International chassis and has Hale Pump system. Single Crew Cab with approx 1500 gal tank

Looking for sources for parts (hoping to get donations etc..) and Manual for Rig and anything else to keep this Rig up and running - Any Ideas
would be greatly appreciated!!