Being the Good Army Geek that I am, I can't help but be of two minds regarding this. On one hand preparation and regular training do wonders to help key personnel deal with obscure situations as they arise. On the other, it can cause a whole host of unncessary problems and complications that truly are not needed. In this instance.... well I dont know the best answer.

D.C. Hospitals Told To Prepare For Attack

WASHINGTON -- A former Jerusalem hospital security director said most medical facilities aren't prepared to deal with terrorism.

Shbomo Ben Dor said security officials at D.C. hospitals should be prepared to do anything in their power to stop a suicide bomber.

A special training session at Washington Hospital Center is focused on the potential for attacks on hospitals after D.C. lawmakers passed a requirement for the training last year.

While most attacks on hospitals have happened outside the United States, D.C. hospitals have been put on guard. A suspicious package in April raised concerns and forced the hospital to close down several sections of the building.

Ben Dor said hospitals should be planning for "when" an attack happens, not "if."

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