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    Same here with ferrera. It was negligible.
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    Unless you want to get fancy (enclosed pump panel), they're pretty close.

    I like having a view of the fireground. That limited manpower thing might mean I'm running the incident while I'm running the pump - it's happened around here before.

    If our engine is the fill site rig it gives a better view of the overall operation and gives us the ability to have "parking spaces" available without a lot of hand signals, etc.

    Being above the drop tank helps keep track of that operation, too.
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    When I started pumping trucks we primarily had side mounts and of course that is a "real" fire truck to me. I also like being able to "lean" into the LDH when moving a lot of water because you get that extra input that you are out pumping your water supply before everything starts to react on the panel and beyond.
    With that said, I am a fan of top mount pump panels for the primary reason of safety. Apparatus positioning can mitigate the operator being in traffic but sometimes you just can't avoid it. The other big advantage is being able to see the scene. Again, positioning can mitigate this somewhat but not always. With the top mount you can see that the guys are ready for water before they call for it, once things settle down and water is flowing the pump operator can then assist with being the extra set of eyes on the fire ground, almost as an additional safety officer.
    Downside of course is the 24-30" it can add to the length of the apparatus. Upside is that you can get at least 2, if not three, speed lays under the pump panel which I think are pretty easy to reload by using the cut outs that allow you to feed hose. We also have an engine with a flip up lid that has two cross lays side by side.
    One our last two engines (E33 2 years in service, E31 under construction) we spec'd electronic MIV valves on the intakes with a bleeder valve located on the pump panel. We eliminated the external MIV which helped us in two ways. First, once the LDH is connected the operator has control of bleeding the line and opening it without having to lean over the side or coordinate with someone on the ground. Second, when we draft the Storz hard suction hooks right up and again the operator has full control. We also utilize jet assist low level strainers to ease the transition.
    We also utilized some of the "dead" space on the side of the pump module by having a cord reel installed on each side. Saved us compartment space and made the cords easily assessable.
    I have seen pictures of a Sutphen and I believe a Pierce that had a Top Side Mount pump panel. Those are the two I remember off the top of my head but I'm sure anyone could do it. The pump panel is located on the side of the truck in the traditional side mount position but is elevated and laid out similar to a top mount pump panel. I consider it to be the best of both worlds in a way but I have never used one.

    Good luck,
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    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisE34a View Post

    ...but more importantly it adds length to the wheelbase making driving the apparatus more difficult to drive than similarly configured side mount pumps.
    Glad you emphasized this. An additional 12-24 inches in wheelbase can significantly reduce the turning radius: Probably not an issue in a rural setting, but a potential problem in an urban environment.

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    Front mount

    Save the wheel base, you have 3 side visibility, out of traffic, easy to operate.

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    Post Topmounts

    The ONLY "Engine" my dept has is a topmount (we also have a quint). We do not have many fires but being in Minnesnowta it does offer it's advantages with the operator being out of the elements on fire scenes and vehicle crashes. Especially since the the pump operator isn't doing strenuous activity. I think all the "pros/cons" here are very good points. I guess it comes down to what suits your dept the best!!! Good luck with your purchase and be safe everyone!!!

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    Wow... I haven't logged onto here in almost two years. Here I am just looking through some old posts, and I stumble on this one which is four years old. My good buddy Jason must have been thinking along the same lines as me! just about a week earlier I guess.

    Well, a lot has changed in the last couple of years. I made Deputy Chief last year, the youngest one in the history of the department (by age not service time.) We did indeed get a rescue pumper. After many many hours of specs and traveling, we found that there was no way that the department could afford a new rig.

    about six months ago we found ourselves in Gaffney South Carolina looking at a used rescue engine.


    I know guys, don't pass out. It is a 2003 ALF with a rescue body and an 8-man enclosed cab. I will start a new thread on it maybe later this week so you guys can check it out.

    I missed all of my brothers here and am glad to be back.
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