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    Default Technical Rope Rescue needs

    I have a general question about everyone's needs for technical rope rescue training. I have been teaching technical rope rescue in mountain environments for Ski Patrols and Search and Rescue Teams for many years and am a volunteer firefighter/paramedic as well. I am looking for ideas on how to use my mountain expertise to offer training opportunities for fire departments around the country. I would appreciate any helpful advice anyone might have to offer. Is there much of a need for this type of training? Do most departments do it in-house? What sort of grants might be available for departments to access in order to support this type of training. Thank you in advance for any ideas you might have.

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    Wisconsin recently implemented regional task force teams to supply technical rescue for rural departments. This is good for our area as the trianing is intense and not every department can afford the time and money to offer it. What resources are currently available in your area for high angle rescue? if none are available, then there definately is a need. Would there be interest in neighboring departments for a regional team in your area? Also, the USFA has a booklet technical rescue program development manual FA-159, free to order online, that discusses determining a need and how to implement the program. Hope this helps, Ryan

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    Default Teaching

    I work heavy rescue in Newark, and teach the recruits the rope rescue portion of their study. I also am a New Jersey State Level II Instructor, and teach for the Ocean County Fire Academy.

    I am putting a course together for rope rescue for OCFA now. I will be using the High Angle Rescue Techniques Book, with materials from ON-Rope and other publications. I also use the RSI (Rescue Ssystems Incorp.) video tapes as well.
    I am currently putting together the powerpoint presentations for the book now so they correspond with the book material.

    If you want a course that is tailored to work for you, unfortunately you may have to do all the foot work as I am currently doing.

    If you need help, you can email me at richdd@comcast.net. I will try.

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