The Open Fire Academy are now working to assist the National Fire Academy to get the important messages of these trainings out to firefighters.

* Firefighter Safety: Calling the Mayday : What are the Mayday decision parameters for firefighters? How do we teach the Mayday decision-making process to firefighters? How much Mayday practice do firefighters need? This course focuses on the ins and outs of firefighters calling a Mayday. The NFA's DVD course is now available online. The Open Fire Academy is working in partnership with the National Fire Academy to promote this important training. Students receive an NFA certificate upon completion. To take the course, click on this link

* National Fire Service Seat Belt Safety Campaign : Firefighter Christopher Brian Hunton, age 27, was a member of the Amarillo Texas fire department for one year. On April 23, 2005 he fell out of his fire truck responding to an alarm he died two days later from his injuries. Brian was not wearing his seat belt.

The Pledge:
"I pledge to wear my seat belt whenever I am riding in a Fire Department vehicle. I further pledge to insure that all my brother and sister firefighters riding with me wear their seat belts. I am making this pledge willingly; to honor Brian Hunton my brother firefighter because wearing seat belts is the right thing to do." To enroll in this class click on this link:

There is no charge for these classes and once pilot testing is complete we will open these out to other Open Fire Academy members. NFA certificates are provided. Please provide feedback to us on these classes and we encourage promoting these classes.