Hello all--

This is my first time posting here, those I've spent a few days lurking the forums and reading many of the experiences of the firefighters and emergency workers.

I wanted to let everone know about a documentary that I am involved in, and ask that if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be, to send me an email at scottc@figprod.com so we can discuss.

(Moderators, please let me know if posting here is in any way inappropriate or if it would belong in a different forum...)

Our documentary is a high-profile one and includes an Academy Award nominee and an award-winning writer/journalist. We've produced theatrically released documentaries as well as documentary programming for MSNBC, Discovery Networks, The Learning Channel and Spike TV.

We are looking for anyone who is currently confronting mortality and finds their lives being transformed by it. This could mean surviving or being seriously injured during a rescue, or even something that's not "job-related" that has drastically affected your life. You tell me---we want to hear your stories.

Here a bit abut the project:

<b>"Life-Changing Moments/Confronting Mortality" Documentary
“How We Deal With Death”</b>

<i>Have you survived a near-death experience?
Is your Life currently being Transformed by Terminal Illness or Tragedy?
Have you or a loved one recently had a traumatic or life-changing event?</i>

We are seeking men, women and children who are on the precipice of life’s edge and searching for hope in the face of despair. This is an uplifting look at the “switch-on” moments in life, when the carpet is suddenly pulled from beneath us and everything that we ever knew is irrevocably changed. It is a hopeful glimpse into those timeless moments (from being diagnosed with a brain tumor to surviving Katrina) when true value, strength and courage emerge…

We are looking to meet with people who are being transformed in the face of mortality: Do you have a new lease on life? Is wealth no longer important? Have you had a spiritual awakening, a renewed outlook or a total paradigm shift?

Or are you currently facing your own mortality and searching for transformation? Hoping for enlightenment? Seeking that “switch-on” moment or new awakening?

Have you survived a heart attack? Survived a plane crash or mountain climbing accident? Are you battling cancer or a terminal illness?

We would love to talk with you. We’re looking for men, women and children from all walks of life who can show that “How we face death is as important as how we face life.” This is a unique opportunity to tell your story and to take part in a positive project focused on helping and inspiring others.

The creators of this documentary include an Academy Award nominee and an award winning author/journalist. We’ve produced documentaries for theatrical release as well as documentary programming for MSNBC, Discovery Networks, The Learning Channel, and Spike TV.

All inquiries will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, please contact Scott at scottc@figprod.com

Thanks again for the opportunity to post this here. I greatly enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) browsing the forum on this site.