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    Thumbs down Newark, NJ LODD 7-36-07

    I posted this on the main board, so this is a repost. The job actually occurred on Monday, but he died this morning at University Hospital, Newark.

    May he rest in peace.

    Newark-WABC, July 26, 2007) - Cornelius Knowlton was fighting a fire on Monday when he complained of back and neck pain. Those pains were really symptoms of a heart attack, a heart attack that he would not recover from.

    New Jersey reporter Toni Yates is live in Newark with the story.
    We spoke to a Newark city official but they are not releasing much information on the firefighter. However, we do know that Cornelius Knowlton is 37-years-old, but the exact cause of his death has not been determined.

    Outside the Newark station where he works, they've placed a bunting to honor him.

    While responding to a fire on Monday, Eyewitness News is told he complained of having pain in his neck and back. He was taken to University Hospital where doctors said he suffered a heart attack. Knowlton died this morning.

    He's been with the department for 14 years. He leaves behind a wife and three kids.

    The city and fire department will continue to gather more information to release later on. Stay with Eyewitness News and 7online.com for the latest on this story.

    (Copyright 2007 WABC-TV)

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    Default God speed Storm

    The officers and members of the Sea Bright Fire Dept. express our deep sorrow for the loss of brother FF Nolton. May God bless his family and the Newark Fire Dept.

    J. Rock
    Asst. Chief

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    RIP Brother
    51 Pride - R.I.P. Sandy
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    Rest Easy Brother.
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    RIP my brother.... May god be with your Family and Department.
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    Default RIP Brother

    With much sadness, this family of former, present and future firefighters wishes to send its prayers and best wishes to the family, friends and co-workers of Cornelius Knowlton at the time of his tragic passing.

    May the Good Lord lift him upon high and send His loving comfert to all suffering from this loss.

    Peace and Rest, Brother
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