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    Default Lawsuit Filed Over "Hot" Gasoline

    What's your take?

    Lawsuit Filed Over "Hot" Gasoline
    AP - 7/25/2007 8:46 AM - Updated 7/25/2007 8:47 AM

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- An Oklahoma City business and three individuals are suing oil companies and gas stations over gasoline they say is too hot. When gasoline is warm it expands which reduces the energy it provides meaning more gas is needed to produce the same energy as gas at cooler temperatures.

    The lawsuit asks for class-action status and wants the court to order a refund of the overcharges and to order gas stations to install equipment that would adjust the sale of gas to account for variations in the temperature.

    Gas retailers argue there is little if any affect overall because temperature changes average out over the course of the year.

    The lawsuit names 13 retailers and oil companies including Albertsons, ConocoPhillips, Shell Oil and Dallas-based 7-Eleven.
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    So will the gas companies be able to counter sue these people in the winter?

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    Do they not calibrate the pumps to take the temperature differences into account? I know that the pumps up here in Ontario specifically state that they are calibrated to 15 deg C. Some would argue that 15 deg is still too 'hot' to get your money's worth, as the average temperature over the year is generally less than 15 degrees.
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