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    Default breathing air compressors

    Looking to purchase a breathing air compressor and just though I would post to see what equiptment is in the firehouses in the state. Please list the equiptment you have and if you are happy with it.

    Be safe

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    I was wondering if you got any feedback. We are looking to purchase a breathing air compressor as well
    Keith Badler
    Robertsville Volunteer Fire Co. #1
    Marlboro Township, New Jersey, District #2

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    We have a Bauer compressor that has worked well for the whole year that we have had it. Also the fill station is holding up well.

    I don't have a problem w/ the equipment, but salesman from the local fire supply dealer has given me some issues. Well, numerous issues.

    The fill station is in our squad ( heavy rescue ) When the tech installed the unit it had to be plumbed from the compartment that houses the cascade valves to the compartment next to it for the fill station. I was not available to approve his work, so when I got back I found that he had just left the air line laying on the bottom of the compartment, with the line passing thru a jagged hole to get into the next compartment.

    I was not impressed.

    It has taken a few calls from the Chief, and me mentioning it to the salesman every time I see him ( and a few faxes ) to get any ( reluctent ) corrective action.

    I am now told the tech should be here in 2 weeks to fix his sloppy work. So much for service after the sale.

    I just figure that if there is a problem with an item purchased and installed by the same company, it should be easier than this to get some action. Days, maybe weeks. But not many months.

    I have purposely not mentioned the name of the dealer or the salesman, as it is not my intention to slander either. I am about 45 min. away from Kansasville, so you might be looking at the same dealer. Send me an IM and I can give you the info privately if you want.

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    I will Look to see what we have tommorow, I know we have an issue tring to get out tanks up to 4500. but when we bought it we had 20 Min air packs

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