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    Question out of state jobs

    Hey everyone. I am a Florida Certified Paramedic/ Firefighter II. I am currently starting to look for jobs outside of Florida because No departments around here are Hiring due to a possible property tax reform. I was wondering if anyone had any information about what states accept Florida certifications or national registry. Any information will help.

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    I believe that most states these days will accept national registry. I would just get a hold of the states Department of Heath Services that you are thinking about going to and ask them.

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    Matt- I would like to offer you some information on 3 outside states-

    NEVADA- LOVES NR Paramedics and is constantly looking for them. At the end of this year, the City of Las Vegas will be hiring. There is NO state income tax and they are a BIG Class 1 FD. I would look into it. Here is your link- http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/files/...nformation.pdf Watch for the cities of Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City and others as well.

    ARIZONA- The state is growing super fast. I dont have anything right in front of me, but just a little looking around the internet, you'll find a lot of stuff.

    CALIFORNIA- Lots of FF/PM jobs out here. Some are even multi-joint test. If youre looking for something specific, please let me know.

    All 3 states have really excellent retirement programs. Thje only draw back to Arizona is that is a "right to work" state. CA nad NV both have the 3% @ 50 retirement system and where you can retire with to 90% of your salery. And some places will let you buy back previous service credit.

    PM me back.

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    Matt- As far as the National Registry is concerned you can go here:
    http://www.nremt.org/EMTServices/emt...te_offices.asp to find out what states will honor registry, as well as contact information for the individual states EMS office.

    As far as the fire certifications, I have found that these are state to state unless Florida is IFSAC accredited. If it is there will be a seal on your certifications then they are transferable to most states. I know for a fact that a new chief from Florida came up here to Michigan and Michigan said that he needed to get Michigan certification. The only thing with this is was Florida certs were way way better than the Michigan ones. My advice would be to check with whatever department before applying.

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    Fairfax County, Virginia is ALWAYS looking to hire paramedics. If you are registered you can get through the hiring process very fast(relatively speaking of course).
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