SUN company is one of the large company all around the world.
The company «SUN» represents new revolutionary technology UV-LED (for printing on any types of material).The company «SUN» presents new revolutionary technology NEO UV. The technology on the uniqueness has no analogues in the world – this is digital jet technology UV-LED (UV inks on the basis of a light-emitting diode source of hardening).
NEO UV-LED. The printer is hybrid and allows printing both rolled and sheet materials of the big thickness (up to 120 mm). The width of printing is 2.5 meters. Printer also equipped additional white color for printing on dark, transparent, color materials (for example, the varnished tree, glass, color acrylic, etc.) But all this novelties can not rescue a ready print from scratches, which can appear from mechanical friction or long mechanical influence. Therefore an additional option exclusively realized only on printer NEO UV-LED is the established channel to vanish images. Process of vanishing occurs during printing, and is completely automated, that allows using a ready print anywhere, and in any conditions.
UV printer NEO UV-LED 2.5 (CMYK+ white color + varnish) - 2.5 m.
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