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    Default Hazmat Awareness

    Do you get certified to the hazmat awareness level in the firefighter 1 class or is that a different class?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormkid40 View Post
    Do you get certified to the hazmat awareness level in the firefighter 1 class or is that a different class?
    Depends on your state, I think. In NJ, when you take FF1, you are trained to the Operations level, and the training curriculum is from the NJ State Police.

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    At the Massachusetts Fire Academy, hazmat awareness is part of Firefighter 1-2.
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    The program in PA gives you the Awareness during the FF1 classes. Operations is another 24 hour class. However beginning in Jan '08, it looks like they will be removing the Awareness level and going straight with Operations, which will be covered in FF1.

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    What state are you in? In NYS, HazMat First Responder Ops is now covered in Firefighter I, although still available as a standalone course. Satisfies OSHA 1910.120 for the first responder both at the awareness and operations levels.
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    Post NY Haz Mat certifications

    TCFire, yes Haz Mat Ops is part of FF1 or a stand alone, but to get your Haz Mat Ops certification from the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control, you also need to take Accident Victim Extrication Training. Why? I haven't the slightest idea. That's Albany for you.
    Also, to get your Haz Mat Tech certification, you have to have your Haz Mat Ops certification and the 40 hour Tech course.
    As you can see, every state is different.
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