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    Default "No Show"

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    Default Trying to get this straight here....

    You applied in 2006. Didn't take the test.

    Applying again here in 2007 and wondering if you need to explain why you didn't show up to take the test at an oral interview (if/when you make it to that point)?


    **Unless, it is something that could somehow be woven into a "nugget" that; displays good moral character, how you are the standout individual that they would want working with them, etc.

    "I didn't show up for your test last year because....."

    No need. Don't bother.

    Good luck,

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    It's not a factor.

    You don't want to do something like this either:

    After my interview rejection an east coast city last week, I sent a letter to the D/C thanking him for the opportunity and telling him I'd appreciate any feedback from the interview. Well - he was honest - he indicated he wanted me to keep testing & interviewing, but wrote that I:

    -talked too much & over answered the questions
    -talked too fast
    -some of my answers were based on book knowledge (?)

    Also - as I mentioned I approached this like I would a corporate interview (BAD IDEA) and I tried to 'close' them at the end - they asked if I had any closing questions (jeez I wish I read your web site before going in) and I opened my big stupid mouth to say 'I kept your rejection letter from last year (I actually showed it to them - this was my second time interviewing) and it mentioned that candidates had failed to prepare and properly sell themselves to the board. I've been working to improve myself in these areas for the past year - have I properly done this?'

    The D/C mentioned in his letter back to me that, 'I don't think that showing the letter I mailed out last time was the best thing you could have done. It was as if you were showing it off and showing us that you still had it.' I need to keep my damn mouth shut and just answer the questions. Live and learn. I look forward to getting your package.

    Stay safe Dave

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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