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    Question Blood Pressure and excitement

    Ok, I am 30 years old and in great shape. Lots of cardio and high intensity workouts. I have been a volunteer with my hometown for 5 years and now live in a different community and I am trying to get on full time. My blood pressure is 118/70 after a good run but when I get nervous such as showing up for an agility test I might give off a 140/90 just from being nervous and excited. Will this count against me for having a high blood pressure? Do departments count for the excitability factor?

    I am a little high anyways because I work out all day long. I have a pull up bar in my parts room and I bust out a set of pull ups or some other compound excercise throughout the day so I am on a constant workout high so to speak.

    Thanks for the input! Stay safe!

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    yes, they can appreciate that blood pressure and resting heart rate can be artificially inflated due to excitement. My blood pressure is on average 110/70 and my resting rate is routinely under 50; when I did my medical before I started on the job my blood pressure was 144/90 and my heart rate was 74. I sat there with a dumbfounded look on my face and he told me that was one of the lower ones of the day.

    When it comes to doing the PAT they will not let you do it if it is too high (although I'm not sure where the cut off is, I do know it's more than 140 systolic). You have an opportunity to wait for it to lower (usually lying down for 10 to 15 minutes will do it), but if you're at risk, whether it's due to excitement or not, you will not be able to test.

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    i ran into that problem today...First CPAT ever and i wanted to go go goo lol mine was 142 or 148 and then when i finished it was down to 122 and about 30 mins later it was normal at 110/68...it was a practice and you could have taken aslong as you wanted it being my first time i did it in 10:29 but i didnt push my self as much as i wanted to and am going to on the real thing the pike pole was difficult for me which im going to work on.


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    Default Sympathtic nervous system/adrenaline

    When you are excited, your adrenal glands kick into overdrive and release more cortisol or adrenaline. It's normal. It's the flight or flight response... and you certainly have it!

    Are you concerend it's not healthy? Are you dizzy? Do you have nausea? Seeing stars? Have a headache at the time? If you are not, then relax.

    If you are concerned about your BP at the test, there are things you con do on your own:

    In the months before:
    Prepare for your test. Do specific training for the test. Poor preparation leads to poor performance. If your body is used to doing the things you call on it for this day, you will be fine!

    For 2 weeks before:
    No caffeine or alcohol. Either will bring mine up: from 100/60 to 120/80... that's a huge difference.... though not dangerous even at the higher end.

    For 1 week before:
    The above plus:
    No salt (eat whole foods- no processed food. No TV dinners, no restaurant food.) Do some cardio each day: Easy to Moderate, 30 minutes, stretch afterwards.

    During this week, if it were me, I would go get a good, relaxing massage. That might be overboard for some people. But the tension created from muscle spasm and little aches and pains we don't know we have can contribute to stress. Sometimes, if I work on someone who has a blood pressure problem, I take a pre and post, and there is often a significant difference in the two. Don't do it the 2 days before your physical, though: this might make you sore, and that wouldn't be good. Drink lots of water after your bodywork.

    2 days before:
    No weight lifting. As much as I push lifting weights, it does elevate some people's blood pressure. Usually it's very temporary, but better safe than sorry.

    Day of:
    Warm up nice and easy. Stretch pretty well- for 10 minutes.

    Dr. Jen

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