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    Default Diamond "T" Fire Truck from the Town of Olean NY.

    I'm looking for pic's from the Town of Olean NY. Volunteer Co. #1 of the old Diamond T pumper that they had in the 60's and early 70's. My grandfarther used to be chief years ago and would like to put some pic's up in the station I run out of. Any one from Knapps Creek, Portville, and Westons Mills area. Any and all help would be great.
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    Default another option is.....

    YOU may want to spend some time Goggling, seewhat you might find for local historical society s , the orleans library/ historical media give a call if youfind a number explain your situation, and offer to cover any costs , I'm sure you will get results..

    I was looking for pics from the horse and steamer days for my house which was built in 1983 (hardly historical feeling) asking around , talking it up with the brothers was step 1 to a Department historical society which has a HUGE archive of photos , 2 late 50's mack pumps a 70 ALF rearmount that was a workhorse and my first assignment on the job, and we are currently trying to work out taking a 1913 house as the start to a museum..... The pics I was seeking include the horsedrawn steamer and truck from one house and the steamer companies that ended up being consolidated into the new house a hundred years later... strangley enough Both of the old houses are still occupied 1 by the city and one privately owned... research to find the library and ask them if a historical society might be better ... youwill get them I am sure .. Good luck in any case !!

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