Hello, I currently live in Northeast Ohio and have been taking fire tests around this area. I was wondering if you had any information on looking over the exams after I take them. I notice that some cities will let me review the exam I have taken and some do not. Can you provide any insight into what I should do?

If you have the opportunity to review your exam, we absolutely recommend that you do so. It will be worth every minute you spend. Some cites have civil service rules that make it mandatory that you can review your exams.

The review time frames are usually from thirty minutes to one hour. By taking the time to review your exam it will give you insight into your weak areas so that you can focus your studies on those areas. For example, if you had seven out of twelve math problems wrong then you can adjust your studies to concentrate on that area.

In many states, there are 2 or 3 test consultants giving the examinations and the same exam is given time and time again. Anytime you have the opportunity to review your exam, take it and learn from it.

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