I know there are several good guides and I know there probably has been several threads on this same topic..but what i wanted to know is what you guys/gals think is the best guide.
I have a memberzone account here and am looking for something to help with testing processes, interviews and so on. I have started testing for fire depts once I graduated and I am currently working on a Fire Science Degree and a EMT-B.
So what i want to know is if you think this is the right direction and what guides you might suggest.. i have a book one that i used to help on the written exams and work out regularly. I have also looked into Fireprep.com, Firerecruit.com, firefighterprep.com, firequiz.com, eatstress.com but not sure which one would be the best..i have also looked up most the depts in the area and tried to get test info but didnt know if there is a site for this or just searching is the best.
Any information would be great. Thanks!