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    Default Alternatives to "American Heat"

    We're currently subscribers to the "American Heat" series of training videos and are looking for alternatives before we decide to renew our subscription with them. We like the breadth of topics they cover but have not always been so impressed with their content. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Check out FETN (Fire and Emergency Training Network). This is a subscription program that you can get directly to each Firehouse that is 24/7. I think there my be some affiliation to AH, not ssure though. I had this at my department in GA and it was great. Training sessions replay throughout shift and gave you multiple times to catch thoughout month. Not sure on all of the particulars, but Training Officers can track/setup curriculums for shifts, can watch program and then take test online and recieve certificates. I would recommend it for any department.
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    Check out Jones and Bartlett at http://fire.jbpub.com/catalog/0763725579/. They have a really good training series called Skills and Drills DVD. We purchased it and are happy with it.
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