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    Default Ambulance vs. Helicopter

    We supplied mutal aid to a dept. the other night that had an interesting night.

    At around 1:00am they where dispatched to a one car MVA rollover with entrapment. They arrive do there job, EMS calls for a helicopter to meet them at the Hospital. FD goes back to the station and about 2:00am get paged to a helicopter crash at the airport. This is when we get called.

    The helicopter was departing when at about 50 ft. it appeared like the tail rotor messed up and the machine started to spin and then dropped back to the pad. The patient and the Flight Crew all had to be extricated. Another helicopter service was called to respond to the scene. They landed across the road in a parcking lot. The Ambulance took the paitent to the new helicopter and proceeded to drive into the rotor.(Helo was shut down at the time). Now what should you do. The local FD did a great job in the extricaton. Just thought this was an interesting story. Anyone know where they can find a new ambulance driver. We where turned around by the IC before we reached the scene.
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    What should you do? MOVE OUT OF THAT TOWN!
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    At that point, I would probably call it a night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyckftbl View Post
    What should you do? MOVE OUT OF THAT TOWN!
    Took the words right out of my mouth.
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    They say bad things always come in 3's....

    So far, in the space of a month, there have been:

    3 news helos crash (2 into eachother).

    3 airshow crashes

    2 EMS helicopter crashed or otherwise ruined.

    Either this was the 3rd disaster, or we're still short a rescue chopper going down.

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