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    Default Just got hired....

    Hey everyone. I am new to the dispatcher forum. I just went for my interview today at the E-911 center here and was “conditionally” hired by the director. Of course it still has to be approved by the 911 board, but I am not worried about that because most of the people on the board said they will approve me, and I’m sure the others whom I haven’t talked to will approve me also.

    But anyways, here is my question……

    He went in a little bit about the training, such as a 40 hour dispatch training, 24 hour EMD training, 3 ride-along and so forth. What I wanted to know is what to expect in training? What kind of stuff do they cover? Also does anyone have advice for a first time dispatch trainee?

    Thanks everyone, stay safe.

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    Listen listen listen !!!

    Thats the best way to learn, thats how I picked it up, the only way to get good is to learn and do it, there simply is no other way.

    ITs a great job, enjoy !!

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    Congratulations! You're getting into a great part of emergency services. Communications is essential to this "business," and it is our job to provide the best information to our responders.

    To answer your questions, you can probably expect to work with more than one trainer during the course of your training (which will likely take several months). In our department, our trainees work with a different trainer on each of the three shifts, and get to work on each of the three positions (City Police; County Police; and Fire) before they're put on their own.

    You'll be learning how to answer the phone; what questions to ask and in what order; what information the various responders will need for the various kinds of calls. You'll have to learn how to "translate" caller's emotional and confused/confusing information into simple, clear text that can be easily given to responders. And you'll learn various computer programs to put everything together.

    As was already said, listen, listen, listen. I'll add, if your trainer tells you to do or say something in a certain way, follow those directions - there's a reason.

    Good luck!
    Joe O'Keefe

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    Exclamation YEah,

    congradualations, keep inmind approval should be based upon your attitude and ability to to what needs tio be done, noton anyone else..I've been fighting fires 30 years both volunteer in the early years and now 18 career years , add in 3 years and 9 months as a public safety dispatcher.. I can tell you your training is nearly exactly as thatI was put through including ride alongs with the PD (in my case since i had experiance) nothing was more challenging as those nearly 4 years Learn to NOT take an attitude with callers , no matter how stupid the call is dont be little others dont take anything for granted they will gab and blah blah blah oh and by the way My house is on fire so you have to pay attention...lol its an education for sure

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    You will more than likely attend the APCO 40hr Basic Telecommicator Course. It is a very basic class that covers general dispatching techniques. The EMD class covers emergency medical dispatching. The ride alongs will be with Fire, EMS, and police. You will also be required to obtain CPR certification. The State of Mississippi requires all of the above to be "certified" by the Board on Emergency Telecommunications Standards and Training which is an arm of the Department of Public Safety.

    Like the previous poster, pay attention to the training given to you and don't be afraid to ask questions.
    Memphis Fire Fighters Association
    IAFF Local 1784

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    Good Luck Im an EMT and crossed trained in dispatch EMD. I feel honored
    when I get to go back on the truck and actually do the runs besides dispatching my fellow EMTs and Paramedics I get respected alot more
    I guess because I actually know where and what they are going through
    out there on the calls. I like dispatch but I wouldnt give up the ambulance
    just to do only dispatching it gets very boring repetitive and alot of
    whining drama... So I make the best of it myself... 10 years EMT Hope26

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