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    Default Need Help IDing a Tool

    OK, this hook has been on my piece for as long as anyone can remember...But no one can tell me what it is called or what it's purpose is. I can't even find a picture of it online to reference. It's on a regular pike pole style handle...I've heard "shingle hook" mentioned, but no one is certain. Can anyone name that tool??? Thanks.
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    Smile Clemons Hook or tool

    Is what I have heard it refered as, If anyone can correct me , I have always heard here in the northeast it called a clemons, so I am willing to be a guy named Clemons designed it we used to carry one on our truck, but theyfell outof favor to Halligan hooks like Fdny uses the clemons does have a few good uses butstandard pike poles and halligan hooks (not halligan bars) even though they actually aregreat for overhaulin..,...

    Given its configuration, of "push" prying rather then the typical "pull" Prying the clemons is great to start tin ceilings, or bead board , or plywood ceilings etc Until you get it stuck at least , then use a pike or boston rake or Halligan HOOk to open it by pulling and hopefully replacing the clemons to your hands Being thicker/wider then a pike one can see the "shingle"idea, But a spade would be 3 times faster , hows about T& G flooring in an attic space the clemons would be nearly as quick or as effective as the halligan hook at push prying them up too.. somehwat inaffective as abnormal pike pole role though when it comes to sheetrock or plaster and lath
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    Never seen this before, so this is all news to me.

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    Thumbs up Hmmm.......

    A subject close to Home..... The Clemens hook was invented by Capt. Richie Clemens, PGFD (Ret.) about 20 years ago. We, in Prince Georges County were busy (as Usual) with Fires, and as construction methods changed, tools weren't doing the job like they used to. In this case, "Pike Poles" have a relatively thin profile, and work well on Plaster over Wood or Metal Lath. They are pretty ineffective on sheetrock. Richie designed his hook with a much wider backplate on the curved hook edge, to get a better pulling surface. It worked. It still does. I'll take a Clemens Hook over anything else for pulling sheetrock, even today.
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    i agree chief, works well if you have a large area to remove. I didn't know it was invented in P.G. learn somthin new every day

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    I knew Roger Clemens had a curve ball...but they never called it a hook.

    Sorry Harve...I couldn't resist.
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    I can give you a short list of tools who I have ID'd on these forums.

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