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    Default Funding for Haz Mat Training

    Are there any resources available to help defer the cost of Haz-Mat classes ?

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    where do you live?

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    The Federal Government offers all types of free haz-mat classes. Some at Emmittsburg, MD; some in Alabama, Las Vegas and Reno NV, Socorro, NM; EPA classes in Cincinnati.

    Most of the one listed above are free or at a very low cost. Check with your local EMA person.

    The IAFF has a pretty good program also and I believe there is no registration cost for it.

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    Here is a link to the federal courses SamuelFire mentioned.

    Haz-Mat courses

    I've been to COBRA and ICS in Anniston, AL, the rad calss in Nevada, explosives in New Mexico, and Advanced Chem-Bio in Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah

    This is some of the best training I have ever had. The for you is cost is soda and t-shirt money. Transportation, tuition, food, and lodging is either paid up front or reimbursed.
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    If you are close to Ohio - Take a look at Ohio University - Chillicothes web site. They are by far the cheapest in the Tri-State. Here is the Web site for OU-C www.chillicothe.ohiou.edu/ev/etrc/. It is a good place for on-site training and they will even come to your place.

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    Smile Funding for hazmat training

    Yes, depending on your state and their use of the national funds. You will need to contact your state administrative agencies. They will be able to fill you in on your state plan and funding availability. Try to gather information from a state website first, so you know what you are asking them to do for you when you talk to them. Look into the emergency management, State Fire Marshal, State Fire Training Academy and State Law Enforcement sites.

    Also, go to FEMA and NFA websites they can fill you in what State Fire Representative has received funding from the NFA to conduct courses, some will be haz-mat related, or you can request your state fire training representive allow you to host NFA courses that you wish to see in your area. HMEP funds can be used to host classes and so can SARA funds, in some states Homeland security funds are also being used, so contact your state administrative agencies and let them fill you in.

    Here is the link to the website


    Industry also does training under Responsible CAER, this is a federally mandated responsiblity for the chemical industry to deliver training to shippers, distributors and first responders. Chemical companies will sometimes even sponsor classes, equipment and donate props. Also nationwide over the road carriers and the american railroad. They provide free haz-mat response software to fire department and host large events such as a TRANSCAER event if requested far enough in advance, in which a number of companies come together to host a very large training event.

    Depending on your state and federal representative Emergency Management, State Police, FBI, Nuclear Safety and EPA will also offer training if you request their services. Lastly, in some states the State DOT has awareness classes for surface transportation that are worthwhile for responders to attend. Check it out on your state webportal.

    If you go to the federal homeland security site and go to training you will also see training that is available for first responders on a national basis, the courses are free, you simply have to have time away from your job to attend, get registered and approval from your SAA in order to attend.
    Another program that HLS offers is a loan and training program for equipment that is used to fight terrorism. You will also find a link for this on the Homeland Security site.

    That's it for now, hope it is helpful.

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    Default grant for haz mat rig

    our department is specing out a haz mat rig for next year and I was curious as to any grants that would help pay for the rig. thanks

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