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    Default 2007 SAFER Grant


    I would like to gather some input on the 2007 SAFER Grant. I want to set up a pension program for my volunteers. The Iowa Firemen's Assn. has set up some guidelines for establishing one.

    I am a small rural Iowa ALL volunteer FD (VFD) with 33 members in a town of 2300. The questions I have are-

    Has any small VFD been awarded a SAFER Grant?

    What percentage of VFD vs Career have got one?

    Would it even be worth trying for one?

    If any VFD have got one, how did they set it up and do they continue to add funds yearly to?


    Chief Scott A. Schabacker
    Jesup Fire Rescue

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    Default Anything To Lose?

    Chief what do you have to lose by applying, what do you have to win....
    you might want to shift this or repost on the grants thread. Tons-o-good input there.
    Good luck

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    Not sure about a pension plan, but I got funds for all sorts of stuff, LED sign, furniture for lounge area, College Tuition Reimbursement, FF 1&2 training, First Responder training, off duty jackets, etc.

    And you are bigger than us.

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