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    Anyone get selected to the next round. I am on the list but not sure what # ? Letter says not advancing at this time but on the list for future. I also know 4 others with the same letter. It would just be nice to know where i stand after 3 trips and $$$$$ spent. Anyone advance or know how many made the next cut ? Thanks

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    I did not test for Clark County this go around. But I went through on the last process and got the same letter. I never did get a call to continue on. I was on the list (verified it when I changed my phone number six months later) but was never told where. As you have found out Clark County seems to be pretty closed mouth on giving you that sort of information. Luckily I got on with another department that was on my "top three list" of departments I wanted to work for. Hope you have better luck than I did in getting on. Be a great department to work for.

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    ccfd is putting on one more proby class this year in oct. 40 total students 20 of which are medics, there are a total of 80 or so medics on the list. all total there 640 something people on the list. i do not know why they dont give a ranking. but from everyone i have talked to as long as u get on the list u have a shot of getting hired.

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    Default hey cas

    I got the same letter jeremy told me about yours too I just updated my app with my national registry and ff1 and 2. If I hear anything before you ill let you know buddy... good luck jerry

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