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Thread: Aerials

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    To add pictures to Weruj's post............

    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFRDxplorer View Post
    To add pictures to Weruj's post............

    That looks alot like our old truck that we just retired
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost62 View Post
    We are trying to get a Quint but may get a stick.
    of course the flexability of the Quint would be nice, but right now we have no way to get above 2nd story roof. Small Dept. 24 members covering approx 100 sq miles 3 manufacturing areas and 4 schools 2 of which we cannot access the roof. 5+ 3 story bldgs. City council doesnt see the need. we have 2 engines one of which is barely able to respond. Really need to get a reliable engine and would really like to see some sort of aerial platform to do the job better.
    I can see why you would ask. according to some in the city no Vol dept's should have one.
    Not trying to pound my chest just wanting to do my best for my city. For the "Do you want to be a firefighter?

    Or are you asking because you think you will fill your chest with medals and get inside all the girls underwear because of them if you are on a "aerial platform"?"
    Married and dont need another to nag at me.
    Oh when did they give medals for the apparatus you have?
    As far as I know and I could likely be wrong but most Vol's dont get medals we get to go home.

    Thanks for the info on Vol dept's with Aerials and maybe we can use it to get the city to listen. Doubtful but never hurts to try.

    Located in North Texas, Farmersville.
    Our fire department only covers 3 sq miles and has 4 apartment complexes that are over 35' tall .Back in 1985 we got our very first Aerial apparatus a remanufactured Mack/Baker 75' tower ladder, it was not easy trying to get the " VOTERS OF THE FIRE DISTRICT " for approval to spend $ 225,000 in capital funds . With todays fire truck prices of $ 550,000 - 1000,000 for a aerial it will be a tough fight !.. Good Luck & Stay Safe . NJFFII

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    95' Pierce
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    WOW i cant belive all the response THANKS a lot aerials is a virgin territory for a Vollie dept in my area the city thinks that they souuld be the only ones with the right. but with an industrial park in our back yard we need some serious equipment.

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    Our neighbors in the VMFD have one:



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    Doc, you really are showing your butt. Sounds to me like it is a sincere question from someone who needs help. Is this how you treat guys on your FD??? I hope not. From the posts of yours I have seen, you are starting to come off as a self important turd. RAISE UP the young and new, don't slap them down!

    To the original poster, Paid or volly should NEVER be the question when looking at apparatus purchases. The deciding factor should be whether or not it is needed. Spend time on justifying why you need one, more so than "But other vollies have truck companies too!" If you can prove the need for the equipment and be ready with answers when the pols start asking questions, you come out better in the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nfddrew View Post
    WOW i cant belive all the response THANKS a lot aerials is a virgin territory for a Vollie dept in my area the city thinks that they souuld be the only ones with the right. but with an industrial park in our back yard we need some serious equipment.
    Dumb question- Why do you care what "the city" thinks? It's your area, buy what you want.
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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