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Thread: FireTEAM Ergometrics test

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    Default FireTEAM Ergometrics test

    Hey All,

    Anybody heard of or has anybody take the FireTEAM Ergometrics test? It is video-based testing I think. One of the depts I am going to be applying to is looking into this type of test.

    Any tips/suggestions?

    Does it help/hinder applicants who have prior FF experience?

    Any other thoughts?

    Thanks guys!

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    Do a search here on "fireteam".
    You'll get about twenty other threads about it that covers a lot.

    Good luck,

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    I think you will find that not many here will be willing to give you any specific details about their test. They are FIERCELY protective of their test....and make every person who takes it sign a non-disclosure agreement. They are very serious about protecting the proprietary information in their test

    I would recommend going to their website, taking a look at the sample test and then buying the practice test. It was around $20 when I bought it last year, but definitely gives you an idea of what to expect if/when you take the actual test.

    Sorry, wish I could be more specific....but don't want to get sued.

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    i didn't realize they were so secretive about their tests. pretty crazy. oh well, i'll just have to do the best i can. thanks for the feedback guys.

    the search function probably would have answered those questions, but i am way too lazy for that

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    I have taken the test twice with a different department each time. I wont tell you anything about the test except trust your instinct. Go with your gut answer.

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    ... Why would you hold back from helping a potential recruit? These forums are setup for everyone to help everyone out with information.


    Go to http://www.ergometrics.org/ and check the Sample video, then, I would recommend ordering the CD, its about $25. You only get to use the CD 2 times since you have to sign into an online account simutaneously to using the CD.

    I took the Fireteam Ergometrics in December for Newark, NJ and I can tell you that the CD from Ergometrics helped me alot to prepare on whats going to be on the test. Ergometrics is the same company that compiled the video test for the NJ Civil Service exam.

    In the video-test, they will show a video, some are 20 secs, some are 1min long, after the video is done it will pause and you will have 10secs to choose the BEST and WORST answer of the 4 given. Immediately after the 10secs are done, video 2 will start and so on. We had a total of 40 videos in the NJ Civil Service Exam, it was non-stop. As long as you answer the questions thinking "be nice to the public" and "be a great team player with other firemen and EMS", then you wouldn't have a problem with the test. Remember, its a "Teamwork assesment test".

    Regarding your last question, did it hinder proior FF's with experience, I can say yes, I know a few volunteer firemen with many years on that failed this video based section of the test.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need any other information regarding this


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    i took the same test for newark to and thepractice test helped out a lot. Newark set up a few practice test dates before the actual written test and i was stumped. The practice test will give you the right answeres when u fisnish and then explain why they where the right answere. If anything it helped me get in the right way of thinking for the test. During the test i came across some questions that where tricky but becasue the practice test told me what to look for they becaus easy. i passed the test but a lot of people failed. still dont know how i did exactly best of luck to you and.

    p.s if they ask u would you work with this person. answere yes always. do not answere no or maybe

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    Default Firesceemtest

    The test is really a joke and it is not based in reality. The personality test is for the most part common sense but some aspects are hardly a true portrayal of fire department life. Most people will answer based on what they think is the desired answer vs. what would really happen in a firehouse. If you ask me this is another group of people trying to make money peddling their test to a group of administrators. These are people not connected on any level to the men that are serving under them on the front lines. It really is sad.

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