appears in mid July 2007 a home on Warren ave. in Niles, Ohio was lost, from my reports a small fire from a candle was extinguished quickly with minimal damage, 5 hours later the whole house burned, a female resident of the home was seriously injured in attempting to jump from the roof to avoid the flames, reports are unclear if the original fire re-ignited, but my guess is that it did, firefigters should have cleared all debris from the home before leaving the scene, this apparentley was not the case, and 5 people are homeless and lost everything, including 3 family pets, what a shame.The fire is still under investigation or is undetermined when this report was submitted to me, Was there a mistake here, how common are fires reignited without any warning, again thank god the tenants had smoke detectors, or who knows what would have happened? Any other stories our comments? Niles FD?