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    Thought you guys might like to look at a few pics from over here. My brigade sent a few ff's over to the U.S a few years back for fires near LA, so thanks for returning the favour this year, we earnt a break even only for 2 days. I slept underneath a dining table at civic centre in a town nearby and slept like a log, we were at those fires for over 3 months.
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    thanks for posting the pics,always nice to see different apparatus and rig from a different country.i like the tanker.
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    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing.

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    Thumbs up Info on the pics

    Those pics are from a website where all our Fire Authority's public pics are held. please enjoy them.
    The tanker is our wildfire vehicle but it is also VERY useful for structures, but the pumper is our structure vehicle, that can pump 3000 litres per minute and is a great vehicle to ride in. Cmon how many kids wanted to ride in a big red truck, these are them alright haha.

    Cheers guys

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