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    Default Perscription safety glasses

    Has anyone ordered any half-way decent looking prescription safety glasses lately that offer side-splash protection?

    I need them mostly for EMS calls. Currently I can only find bigger framed ones that are a little ungainly. I don't need to look "cool" but a little less dorky would be nice.

    Brand names and models or a link to a website would be great.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Take a look at ESS ICE safety glasses...they offer side splash protection as well as the availability of prescription inserts (a little "gooney" lookin' yes but they seem to work). I'm considering these myself for the same type application.

    Do a google search for ESS ICE and you'll be able to find them easily (price isn't too bad from what I've seen).

    Hope it helps...Stay Safe...

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    A O Safety. They wrote the book on safety glasses.
    They will build you any configuration. Side shields that detach. transition lenses, tinted, and any style from John Lennon style to Harry Carey.
    Visit www.iacoj.com
    Remember Bradley Golden (9/25/01)
    RIP HOF Robert J. Compton(ENG6511)

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    Wally World's optical department has safety glasses that take prescription lenses like in ChiefReason's post.
    If you don't want the mail order wait,this could be an option.

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