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    Default Retirement benefits

    Hello everyone!!!

    I'm an Italian Firefighter.

    What kind of retirement benefits has a career firefighter?

    May he retires with full pension benefits at a younger age than other private or public sector employees?

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    I was in Italy in May, beautiful country. Retirement benefits vary between different cities. In my city you can retire after 20 years with a pension of 50% of your salary. If you serve 25 years you get a pension of 70% of your salary. We have cost of living increases for retirees. Age is not a factor for pension benefits but it is for medical coverage. My city will only pay for medical coverage for retirees over the age of 50. Members who served in the military can "buy" up to 4 years of time to put toward retirement so a member who served 4 years in the military can retire with a pension in as little as 16 years.

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    Our dept's retirement is 25 years, no age restrictions, 2/3 of your best 3 years pay average. It can be increased 1% per year for a max of 76% at 30 years.

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    In the Massachusetts cili service system, the magic numbers are age 55 with 32 years of service. Depending on which option you choose, you get between 70% and 80% of your highest 3 years salary average.
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    When I hired on it was 2 1/2% per year with 20 years and 1 % after 20 years., it has since changed and now it is 25 years, you get 2 1/2 % for every year you work up to 100 % paid on your highest salary over the previous 5 years. There is no minimum age. An employee may retire at age 55 regardless of years in service. We also can drop up to 3 years after your 25. employee healthcare is paid, family coverage runs 165.00 per month.

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    As of about 3 years ago, after roughly 30 years on the job in New Hampshire, you could retire with 100% pay for the rest of your life and whatever insurance benefits your local was able to negotiate for retirees.

    It is all over the board Good Sir. I have met some folks that department hopped for the best benefits and retirement stuff.
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    (Kentucky) I recently retired and after 20 years (four of it Military that I bought) and am drawing 56% of the three highest years average. The 6% is due to the extra overtime I worked during those three years.

    That's 2.5%per year. Full family medical with a premium of $0.00. The was no minimum age requirement.

    New firefighters don't have it so good.
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    In Californnia many paid municipal fire departments offer a 3% @50 formula which will allow you to retire at 90% of your highest paid year after 30 years of service.

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    In La, you can retire at 12 1/2 years at 37.5% of the average of your 3 highest years excluding state supplemental pay (6K).

    Each additional year is about 3.5%.

    Dang. I didn't notice this post was 6 years old. The OP is probably retired by now.
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