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    Question types of bodies

    Gents, I am wondering about the types of bodies and advantages to them. A friend in the FS has asked me about "Extruded body" vs. "Formed body". I advised him as best as I could about the forming methods but could not give him practical info "from customers".

    He also asked me about how the skin is attached to these which is something a bit out of my expertise. Can anyone help with thier experience? TL

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    Excuse my drawing...I was trained as a firefighter, not an artist.

    If you have ever made a paper airplane, you have used a type of formed body construction.

    In formed construction, a flat piece of metal is bent to a certain angle with presses to make a corner. Where the metal is bent, it loses some strength. Maybe not a lot, but some.

    An E-One extruded body (the only one that I have seen being assembled) is put together with metal body panels and a one piece extrusion at the corner. The metal panel slides into the extrusion's slot and is then welded in place. This can be compared to framing a house. There are no bends and the extrusion produces a solid corner.

    Pretty basic explanation, but that covers the jist of it.
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    Darn fine drawing. The extrusion goes one "further" on the Rosenbauer heavy extruded body, built by the General division. For some idea of what their extrusions look like, see the link below.

    Page three, photo #7 shows a good idea of the General extrusion used to build their aluminum bodied rigs. A bit larger that what others are using, and it incorporates the tracks for shelving support in place of using unistrut. Wiring is then ran through the open area of the extrusion, and a cover plate is screwed in place so all wiring is hidden and all compartment lighting is recessed. There are some folks lurking about the forums with General bodies that can speak their opinion, since I sell them I'll just leave my opinion at the door.
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    This is some great info and I appreciate it, any others with advice? TL

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