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    Default Testing Friday?????

    Ok I have been a volunteer for almost 10yrs now. I have tried getting a job at a paid department twice now but keep coming up short on the written test just by a few points. And Here I go again for the third time friday. Does anyone know of any site that has Practice exam that are free to take and look at. Any tips on Situational Questions? Such as questions like.

    You are walking in the park and find a kid by him self playing with matches what would you do?

    A. Call the fire department
    B. Go and talk to him
    C. Find his parents tell them
    D. Do nothing

    I would say B. But what is the right answer. I don't know. This is were I am having the biggest problems I think. I would just like to have a test that would test you on what you already know about the job and not what would you do you another firefighter came to work Drunk. Cause what I do and what you may do could be two different things what are they wanting to hear? Please any site that you all may know off with Practice exams let me know.


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    Just Google "free firefighter practice exams ." I've found many free practice exams, as well as a few testing sites you have to pay for.

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    You can find a free sample written test with answers here:

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