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    Default Moving to Elon

    Hello, I'm a firefighter/EMT in Delaware and i will soon be moving to Elon, NC to attend school. Just wondering how hard it will be to transfer my Fire and EMS training to NC standards?

    As of now i have 190 hours of fire training through the Delaware State Fire School (DSFS) and I attended and completed a 140 Hour EMT-B course held by a medical system in the area, and recognized by the DSFS. I'm nationally and state registered as an EMT-Basic.
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    Reference your EMT certification, you can find out if it transfers by calling the NC Office of EMS at 1-919-855-3935. As for the fire fighter training, you should call the NC Fire and Rescue Commission at 1-800-634-7854. Good luck to you.

    North Carolina Office of EMS Go to the main home page and look under the credentialling and compliance section for reciprocity guidelines

    North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission Click on certifications and training and there is a site that explains the reciprocity guidelines.
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    Default Ifsac

    Do you know if DE has IFSAC-accreditation?

    If they do your firefighter certifications will travel with you to NC.

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    Read it wrong all of your stuff from Delaware should come over with you here is a list of what NC will accept. (
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    I live near Elon but I work part time as a bouncer at the college bar in Elon. Are you going to join the Elon fire dept? They are a combination dept and they also have an internship there where you live at the station for free but you have to run calls for them.

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